Fresh local ingredients combined with imported ingredients create delightful world cuisine. whether you are a vegetarian or someone who loves meat, chicken or fish, you are sure to find enough here to satisfy your culinary cravings. Don't forget to end your meal with something Sweet! Polka Dots is renowned for mouth-watering desserts.

Starters, soups and salads
Looking for something to start your meal with? Or do you simply want a snack? The selection in this section will definitely tempt you for more >

Main course
Your appetite's raring to go. Take your time, there's much to choose from >

Beverage Desire

Choose refreshing mocktails or soothing milkshakes to accompany the scrumptious food.

Just Desserts
No meal is complete without a dessert. Go ahead and indulge! Take your pick from mousse, pies, Cheesecakes, brulees or brownies.

You can enjoy Polkadots world cuisine at various locations. The exclusive off-premise banquets serve world cuisine at locales of your choice throughout the city.
Polkadots helps you plan menu courses to suit the occasion. Polkadots manages all aspects of the banquet, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the experience.

All Time Favorites - a range of international appetizers to start you on your gourmet journey

Indian Barbeque & Breads - some unusual kebabs and stuffed kulchas

Wraps & Rolls - the classic Indian kathi, with an American or Mexican twist

Soup Opera - a choice of European, Vietnamese and Thai soups

Salads / Weight Watchers Paradise - raw or cooked, healthy or sinful, delicately flavored or spicy; but definitely delicious

South East Asian Passion - Stir fries, sauces, noodles, curries and the famous Nasi Goreng Indonesian rice

Pasta etc. - Italian lovers' heaven- lasagna, ravioli and risotto. Or take your choice of penne, fusilli, fetuccine or spaghetti with a variety of delicately flavored sauces

Across the Continents - Hungarian, British, Swiss, Jamaican, Greek and Cuban specialties for the continental gourmets

Curries No Worries - India, a land of variety. Choose from your traditional Indian favorites and have a biryani too

Chef Recommends - If you're confounded by the variety of choices, let the chef be your guide